Meet your Trainer

Through hard work and diligent schooling, Master Practitioner T.J. Everett skills have afforded him the opportunity to travel the world and work with some of the hottest people in entertainment. With appearances on The Wendy Williams Show, Nick Cannon’s Wild’n Out, Love & Hip Hop Atl and multiple world tours, just to name a few. With over 20 years of combined industry experience between Barbering, Cosmetic tattooing, SMP), Terrin knows and understands how difficult it is to find the right service provider and industry trainer. Therefore, he will work to ensure that you are happily satisfied with your experience and commits to continuous support as you navigate your way to the top!


Training FAQ’s

+ What is SMP?

SMP is a newly popular, non-surgical method to combat baldness, preserve hairlines, and create new ones. Scalp micropigmentation takes the longstanding art of eyebrow microblading to a whole new level, and customers are catching on fast. Not nearly as painful, risky or expensive as a hair transplant procedure—and unlike natural solutions to hair loss, success is guaranteed!

+ Who Can Do SMP?

Opportunities are opening up for barbers and tattoo artists and simply just anyone looking a new start at a lucrative career. SMP is a long-term investment for customers, who are willing to pay $2,000-$4,000 for a semi-permanent solution—which means it’s an even longer-term investment for barbers and tattoo artists looking to forge a path into this amazing industry! SMP is an investment for you and your business.

+ How Do I Get SMP Trained?

SMP Training is offered by a lot of different businesses, both online and in-person. Doing SMP Training online sounds convenient, but causes you to miss out on the tangible aspects of SMP creation: the hands-on designing of hairlines is something you should see in person. In fact, the whole process should be seen in person, because precise, measured movements is the name of the game. Here at Midwest SMP we commit to giving you the best hands on training along with all the necessary tools you will need to be successful in this industry.

What the Training Covers:

Our mission is to train the next leaders in scalp micropigmentation. We provide the highest quality, most comprehensive and deeply meaningful education to all students. Not to mention we supply all our students with the top industry leading PMU machine. Our industry-leading training and certification will allow you to take this treatment to the next level with your clients.

Areas Covered During This Training 

1. SMP Candidates
2. Pre and Post Care
3. Proper machine handling
4. SMP procedure tools
5. Work station set up and tear down
6. Sanitation
7. Barbering basics
8. Color Mixing and color theory
9. SMP blending and fading
10. Creating custom hairlines
11. Camouflaging hair transplant scars
12. Covering old SMP
13. Building your portfolio
14. Professional marketing
15. Suppliers list

How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Training Cost?

Scalp Micropigmentation training with Midwest SMP is a 3-day intense, hands-on and theoretical training course for: 


How Much Can You Earn?

The potential returns you can generate by offering scalp micropigmentation as a stand-alone treatment, or by adding it to your clinic’s existing treatment list, are very attractive. The price you can charge depends on the type of treatment that’s required. Artists who have attended Midwest SMP’s training charge an average of $1,000 – $1,500 for a transplant scar camouflage. The majority of customers with male pattern baldness who need work on the hairline, top, and side of their scalps typically spend $2000 – $4000.

Treatments usually take around 4-5 hours for the first session and 2 – 3 hours for the second session. If you perform just a minimum of 1 treatment a week at an average treatment cost of $2500, you could earn $10,000 dollars a month and over $120,000 a year. This gives you a realistic expectation of what kind of return your $4500 investment can bring you!


Finance Available

Midwest Scalp Micropigmentatation makes it easy to spread your payments out over time. Get approved in seconds and choose between flexible plans tailored to your budget, from up 3 to 24 monthly payments! No hassle, no paperwork, and applying won’t affect your credit score. There’s absolutely no harm or risk in checking your Pre- Approval!

Finance available here

Training Dates:

Available Dates:

***1 -on -1 trainings available upon request.


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